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>>>>>>>> Download Enrollment Form <<<<<<<<< A community where children learn and discover their cultural heritage through fun and play. We strive to provide an environment where

  • children’s personalities blossom spontaneously,
  • children develop good conduct, emotional refinement, intellectual finesse and spirtual awarness
  • children are encouraged to be responsible , alert and sensitive members of society.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Balvihar is “by” the parents/ adults “for” the children. We encourage parents to be involved in this learning process. When the parents participate fully the children learn, play and blossom in the safe and caring enviroment created for them. Please note that the child must be potty-trained and be able to speak. If not, the child must be accompanied by the parent/ adult at all times.

When: Every Sunday morning from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Where: The HTSNM at 8418 Zuni Rd. SE, 87108

Fees: Monthly fees of $10.00 or Annual fees $100.00 for one kid and 75$ per each additional child is payable via cash or check to “NM Bavihar”. The fees are due by the 10th of each month. We encourage families to pay annually. If both the Parents are students at UNM,or CNM, their plans are free!!!!

Registration: Please fill out the attached Enrollement Form and hand it over or email it to Sita Mani (Program Coordinator)

Typical day at Balvihar (Learn more about different classes)


– Children’s books on Hinduism, Panchatantra, Jataka tales and more.

– Books addressing mature topics on Hinduism are also available for older children and adults. applied to the current life situations and practical applications.

SUMMER CAMP:  Contact Sita Mani at

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