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Shloka Competition Info

Younger group (Sachi & Deepa): The younger group children will recite following shlokas as a group- morning prayer, bathing, eating, and going to sleep.  In addition we hope to include Vakratunda mahakaya and Saraswati namastubhyam as well.  Children will be encouraged to recite a maximum of two prayers on an individual basis.


Middle group (Arnika and Sita): The children will be competing individually.  Each child will recite from memory two shlokas.  They will have limited choice with one shloka out of Karagre vasate lakshmi, Vakrathuda manakaya, or Sarawati namastubhyam and then second one from gurustothram.  After the two shlokas they will speak about a value of their choice, explaining the meaning of the value as they understand it and how they incorporate the value into their everyday life.  Each child will get no more than 4 minutes.


Group 3 (Anju & Anupama): Children will compete individually.  Each child will write a paragraph about a personality from epic stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata while incorporating values in their narration. They will then read their paragraphs in English.  The time for reading their material can be 3-4 minutes each participant.


Group 4 (Balu):  The kids in this group will make a poster describing some of the things covered in the classes:
(a) cycle of birth and rebirth
(b) sin and punishment
(c) arguments for the existence of God.


When:  2017 May 21st, 10:00 AM START

Where:  Temple

Contact Sita with any questions or 505 681 4836



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