Hindu Temple Society of New Mexico performs personal pooja's. Here are few services that can be performed and pricing information.

Please contact us to request any personal pooja information 

PujaAt TempleAway     
Annapraasan/Rice ceremony$31$51
Mundan Ceremony$51$101
Archana Special at Festival$21
Birthday/Graduation Puja with Homam$51$101
Car Puja$31$51
New Business Puja$151
Randal Mata Puja$151
Chandi Paath/Durga Puja$101$151
Ganesh Puja$51$101
Ganesh Homam$51$101
Gruha Shanti Homam$151
Gruha Pravesh$151
Vaastu Shanti$251
Navagraha Puja$101$151
Satyanarayan Puja$101$151
Baby Shower$101$151
Shanti Homam$101
Upanayanam/Thread Ceremony$201$251
Wedding Ceremony (1 day)$301$501
Wedding Ceremony (2 day)$401$601
Shraddh (12/13/14 day) Puja$151$251
Pitrutarpan/Yearly Shraddh$51$101
Vidhyaarambha Sanskaar$31$51
Naamkaran/naming ceremony$31$51
Bhoomi Puja$151
Lakshmi Puja$51$101
Anniversary Puja$21$51
Cremation sanskaar$151
Navagraha Pooja$101$151
Navagraha Archana$ 21
Navagraha Homam$ 151$ 201
The service charges are for 20 miles radius from templeAll religious ceremonies are available on Zoom

NA--Not Applicable

Poojas Performed by the priest outside the temple will need to schedule with Temple/Pujari and need to be confirmed. 

Rates are subject to change without notice